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Pope and Curia make Lenten Retreat


Another day in a Franciscan Vatican… and with it, yet another change to “the way we’ve always done things.”

Shortly after a report this morning by Paloma García Ovejero of the Spanish COPE network, the VatiSpox Fr Federico Lombardi SJ confirmed that the Pope had decided to take his first edition of the annual Lenten spiritual exercises with the Curia’s superiors to a Pauline retreat house outside of Rome (above), a far cry from their immemorial home in the Apostolic Palace. READ MORE

PopeWatch: Francis Effect? | The American Catholic


Catholic clerics in Europe have been reporting that more Catholics have been attending Mass since Pope Francis became Pope.  According to one survey, this has not been the case in America:

According to the survey, 22 percent of Americans identify themselves as Catholic — virtually unchanged from 2007 and the same as when Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio was elected the successor to the ailing Pope Benedict XVI in March. Similarly, weekly Mass attendance levels in the eight months of Francis’ young papacy have remained stable at 39 percent — a slight statistical decline from the 40 percent reported 2012, the last full year of Benedict’s papacy….Read more: PopeWatch: Francis Effect? | The American Catholic

Israel’s destruction of Palestinian homes at five-year high – aid orgs — RT News

Israel’s destruction of Palestinian homes at five-year high – aid orgs — RT News: “”

I don’t believe or understand this. It just doesn’t make sense to me! Pray for all those that have lost their homes, and spread the word. There will never be peace, if this keeps happening! To me it is heartless and scandalous.