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A South African Jesuit Remembers Nelson Mandela

anthony_egan Fr. Anthony Egan is a native of South Africa and provides insight into Nelson Mandela’s life and his impact on  the people of South  Africa: Link to an  Article in America Magazine.(Anthony Egan, S.J., a member of the Jesuit Institute South Africa, in Johannesburg, teaches South African history for the Fordham University Ubuntu Exchange Program at the University of Pretoria and lectures part-time at the universities of the Witwateersrand and Saint Augustine College.`

Fr. Andrew Greely – R.I.P.

Fr. Greely Fr. Greely is known to most people as a writer – and he wrote, and wrote, and wrote,  sometimes to thunderous applause, and other times to thunderous condemnation and outrage. The bottom line is Fr. Greely was a writer who loved  the church, his Irish heritage, and above all his priesthood: “I’m a priest,” he wrote in his 1986 memoir, Confessions of a Parish Priest. “Not a priest-sociologist or a priest-journalist, or a priest-novelist, or any multiple variation of those hyphenates. I’m a priest, a parish priest. The other things I do in life: sociological research, journalistic writing, storytelling, are merely my way of being a priest.” Fr. Greely died this week at 85 years of age. Let us remember him in our prayers and at Mass this weekend.

The New York Times – a link to a lengthy article on Fr. Greeliy:

Fr. Greely wrote  many articles for America Magazine over the years. The magazine has made available a selection of these articles for free at the following link:

Commonweal Article and links on his life and death:

ADDED ON JUNE 1, 2013. A moving tribute by Author and Publisher Michael Leach (Friend of Fr. Greely): “I will always remember just one: the priest who encouraged me 50 years ago and whose kindnesses never stopped.” Read Tribute

Monsignor Rudy Villeneuve–Rest in Peace


Today, the Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall bid farewell to Monsignor Rudy Villeneuve. Don Smith, a parishioner at St. Columban’s Parish, sent me a few photos of his funeral that was celebrated at St. Columban’s. I have posted the pictures at my parish web site: You can also view them at this link: Slideshow