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Site Maintenance – Digital Frustration

Since I upgraded my site on September 28th, I have been having all kinds of problems. I think I am finally beginning to get things under control again. Keep your fingers crossed, and say a few prayers. Sometimes the learning curve is a little steep. I guess this is all part of participating in the digital age. It sure can be quite frustrating at times.

Williamstown Fair

I should be posting more often now that my summer holiday is over. I didn’t do anything very exotic like last year’s visit to Switzerland, but I did enjoy myself with family and friends. I finished my holiday with a visit to Williamstown Fair – just roamed the grounds with camera in hand and captured a few pictures. It was a beautiful day for a fair, and the crowds were there to enjoy it. Here are a few pictures for those of you who would like a glimpse of the 198th Annual Williamstown Fair – Canada’s Oldest Town Fair. MY PICTURES

Trillium Carpet of Splendor – Spring In Glengarry


Every year in Ontario the white trillium magically appears replacing a carpet of snow with its stately and dignified presence. Here are a few pictures from Glengarry, Ontario, and a little poem by Milena Matcska celebrating its return.



The White Trillium
Trillium graceful, Trillium white,
Star of the woodland, Lady of light
Lo, how she prou!ily
Stands in the glade,
Tri-sceptred sovereign,
Queen of the shade.
Stately she rises,
Slender-stemmed, tall,
Gracious response to Spring’s early call,
Lifting three leaf-arms
High from the sod,
Gazing with pure face lip at her God.
Milena Matcska


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Review of Web Service and Activities

I have not been posting since my heart attack, and am now trying to figure out, if I will continue blogging, and how much.

Here is a list of my main activities on the web:

1)  and bulletin

2) Fr. Bob’s Corner

3) Fr. Bob’s Homilies

If you visit any of these sites and find them useful, I would appreciate some feedback. Please contact me at or

I will not be posting for the next month, but I look forward to any advice or feedback you may have to offer. In about a month I will post a summary of any feedback, and let you know the future direction of my blogging activity.

God Bless,

Fr. Bob MacDonald

Taking It Easy

December 3rd was a scary day for me. At about 3:30 in the afternoon I developed heavy chest pain. Since I often experience muscle spasms even in the chest, I did not take it seriously at first. When the pain persisted I began to suspect it was more than a spasm. Around 6:30pm I walked into emergency at Glengarry Memorial Hospital in Alexandria, Ontario to discover that I was having a heart attack. Thanks to the emergency staff at the hospital I was quickly diagnosed and administered a clot-busting drug, and sent by ambulance to the Heart Institute in Ottawa where a stent was placed in a heart artery. The Doctor who preformed the procedure told me that the Doctor and nurses at Glengarry Memorial had saved my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you – I just don’t know what else to say, and I will always be grateful. As well, I am truly grateful to the Ottawa Heart Institute. Are we ever fortunate to have Canada’s best Heart Hospital in our own back yard. What a fantastic Institution!

I would also like to say a word of thanks to Fr. Kelvin for his Pastoral Care – and just being there for me during this scary time.

I am now back at St. Mary’s Rectory taking it easy while  my body adjusts to some medications, and my heart muscle heals. Say a prayer that all continues to go well, and that I will be back to my ministry early in the New Year. (I will still be posting to the web during my time of recovery.)

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