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Ukraine–a Tale of two Countries


“We are simply different people from those living in the East,” said Ludmila Petrova, a university student in Lviv, a hotbed of support for Ukraine’s pro-democracy forces and opposition to Yanukovych. “They don’t know what the West is. We have a different history. Maybe it is better that we separate once and for all.” News from The Associated Press

Here are twenty pictures of the unrest: LINK

Doctors Without Borders expelled from Burma


Doctors Without Borders has been expelled from Burma, after two decades of work in the country, for their work with minority Rohingya Muslims, who have long been denied citizenship by the Burmese government.
of the Vatican Radio website

Doctors Without Borders expelled from Burma

A South African Jesuit Remembers Nelson Mandela

anthony_egan Fr. Anthony Egan is a native of South Africa and provides insight into Nelson Mandela’s life and his impact on  the people of South  Africa: Link to an  Article in America Magazine.(Anthony Egan, S.J., a member of the Jesuit Institute South Africa, in Johannesburg, teaches South African history for the Fordham University Ubuntu Exchange Program at the University of Pretoria and lectures part-time at the universities of the Witwateersrand and Saint Augustine College.`

Economy – Cosmetic Surgery or Not?

Yikes, I don’t like this editorial! (2009 America Magazine). I mean, I don’t want to hear this opinion because it sounds too much like reality. A reality that most of us, I suspect, don’t want to hear. When the stock market tumbled in September 2008 I wasn’t at all surprised. In fact, every bone in my body seemed to expect it.

When I read this editorial about the economy in America Magazine this June 2009, my bones seemed to ache with a sense that it is very true. Are we really facing our problems, or have we just been undergoing cosmetic surgery?

Today GM went bankrupt, so to speak, and the Canadian Government had to fork over 1000 million dollars to protect jobs in Canada. CJAD Radio in Montreal is questioning the decision, and wondering quite loudly about the wisdom of the decision.

Perhaps you should read the the editorial I am referring to, and decide for yourselves:  America Magazine Reality or Cosmetic Surgery?