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Building Together

I watched as much as I could of both the RNC and the DNC, as they nominated their leaders. There were great speakers at both events, but I came away from the Donald Trump acceptance speech depressed and fearful. Trump offered hope, but only he was going to be able to deliver that hope. He was the man with all the answers, and it just didn’t feel right to me.

As I watched the DNC a Protestant Minister (Dr. William J. Barber) captured my attention. Who was he, and how come I had never heard of him? As he spoke he mentioned Dorothy Day. Now he really had my attention! And, s I did a little research, I discovered his work with Sr. Simone Campbell.

There is ample information on Dr. Barber, Dorthy Day, and Sr. Simone on google, so I invite you to do some googling.

What I really want to recommend to you is the speech by Dr. Barber, and a presentation by Sr. Simone Campbell. Both are inspiring and informative (in my opinion), as we struggle together to live our faith in today’s scary, and complicated world: