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Pope Accepts Sister’s Invitation – Francis Sends Letter of Acceptance – (#Synod15)


A Religious, Sister who participated in The Synod On The Family (2015), said she asked the pontiff if he had received a number of letters her group had written to him that focused particularly on expressing their availability to provide input should the pope want to consider more deeply his expressed desire for greater roles for women in the church.

Francis, Sammut said, indicated he had not received the letters. The UISG leader then said she invited the pope to take part in her group’s next triennial general assembly, taking place in May 2016.

Sammut said she received a hand-written note in the mail from Francis the next day, in which the pontiff promised a general audience with the some 800 women religious coming to Rome for the gathering. The letter was handwritten in Spanish, with the envelope even addressed by the pope, who gave a return address of: “F., Casa Santa Marta, Citta del Vaticano.”

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Interesting Insights into 13 Discussion Groups of Synod on Family (#Synod15)


Two of the 13 final small-group reports of the Synod of Bishops for the family contained apologies: one for ways in which a lack of pastoral care may have contributed to the breakdown of marriages and one for “harsh and merciless” attitudes toward unwed mothers and their children, the divorced and homosexuals. Read More Discussion Group Insights

The Internet is Phenomenal – Last Synod Voting Day – Final Mass (#synod15)

last session

I don’t know why, but I always like to get a feel for what goes on behind the scenes at great events such as the Synod on the Family.  As I mentioned at the beginning of the Synod, Archbishop Coleridge of Australia had the blog to read for an intimate daily account. His account of the last day in the synod hall is priceless. Here are the intimate details on this last day:

Morning Session    Afternoon Session

I’m making this post in the early morning eastern time. The preparations for the final mass are well underway, and people are tweeting pictures:

choir members arrive

Choir Members Arriving

church goers.jpg-large

People Arriving at St. Peter’s 

I really can’t wait to hear the Pope’s homily.


Synod: Final Document (#Synod15 #Final Document)


In one of its first English language reports on the Synod, The Tablet states:

In a gathering lasting just three weeks, and with Synod Fathers in disagreement on key issues, it was unrealistic to expect a document that provides dramatic new developments in areas that reform-minded Catholics feel strongly about. It is fair to say, however, that the final document moves the Church in a more open and pastorally sensitive direction.

Another report appears in Bondings which states: (New Ways Ministry Blog on LGBT issues)

Even though this synod did not achieve a stronger statement of LGBT acceptance, the movement for a more inclusive and equal Church for LGBT members can take hope from this meeting because the discussion has moved forward and we’ve heard that a large number of bishops see the need for this discussion to continue into the future.

It would appear that the Synod has done a reasonable job of capturing the many and diverse flavors of Catholicism across te planet, and has left the door open for future growth and development in bringing the Good News to all.

Finally, we hear these words from Pope Francis in his message at the closing session:

The Synod experience also made us better realize that the true defenders of doctrine are not those who uphold its letter, but its spirit; not ideas but people; not formulae but the gratuitousness of God’s love and forgiveness. This is in no way to detract from the importance of formulae, laws and divine commandments, but raather to exalt the greatness of the true God, who does not treat us according to our merits or even according to our works but solely according to the boundless generosity of his Mercy (cf. Rom 3:21-30; Ps 129; Lk 11:37-54).