Pope Francis asks, where is God amid terrorism? 

Right in the middle of a pumped-up, ‘let the good times roll’ celebration of the faith in the form of World Youth Day, Pope Francis delivered a reality check on Friday — reminding young people of the reality of pain in the world, and insisting that God is found wherever there’s suffering.

Source: Pope Francis asks, where is God amid terrorism? – Crux

Pope Accepts Sister’s Invitation – Francis Sends Letter of Acceptance – (#Synod15)


A Religious, Sister who participated in The Synod On The Family (2015), said she asked the pontiff if he had received a number of letters her group had written to him that focused particularly on expressing their availability to provide input should the pope want to consider more deeply his expressed desire for greater roles for women in the church.

Francis, Sammut said, indicated he had not received the letters. The UISG leader then said she invited the pope to take part in her group’s next triennial general assembly, taking place in May 2016.

Sammut said she received a hand-written note in the mail from Francis the next day, in which the pontiff promised a general audience with the some 800 women religious coming to Rome for the gathering. The letter was handwritten in Spanish, with the envelope even addressed by the pope, who gave a return address of: “F., Casa Santa Marta, Citta del Vaticano.”

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Interesting Insights into 13 Discussion Groups of Synod on Family (#Synod15)


Two of the 13 final small-group reports of the Synod of Bishops for the family contained apologies: one for ways in which a lack of pastoral care may have contributed to the breakdown of marriages and one for “harsh and merciless” attitudes toward unwed mothers and their children, the divorced and homosexuals. Read More¬†Discussion Group Insights