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The Strengths and Weaknesses of Pope Francis

Fr. Thomas Reese takes a look at Pope Francis one year into his Papacy.He gets high marks for many of his administrative reforms, his relationship with the media, his stubborn determination to focus on the poor, but his understanding of women and the sex abuse scandal receive a poor grade. Read Thomas Reese’s assessment: Pope Francis after a year

Thoughts on the Church by Cardinal Oscar

Cardinal Oscar

Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez Madariaga, the man appointed to lead the so called, “gang of eight cardinals” to help Pope Francis reform the Curia gave a presentation at the University of Dallas on Friday, Oct. 25, 2013. Here is a small snippet:

“There is no possible reform of the Church without a return to Jesus….And there the Church, in humble company, helps making life intelligible and dignified, making it a community of equals, without castes or classes; without rich or poor; without impositions or anathemas. Her foremost goal is to care for the penultimate (hunger, housing, clothing, shoes, health, education…) to be then able to care for the ultimate, those problems that rob us of sleep after work (our finiteness, our solitude before death, the meaning of life, pain, and evil…). The answer the Church gives to the “penultimate” will entitle her to speak about the “ultimate.” For that reason, the Church must show herself as a Samaritan on earth –so she can some day partake of the eternal goods….Too many times she gives the impression of having too much certitude and too little doubt, freedom, dissension or dialogue. No more excommunicating the world, then, or trying to solve the world’s problems by returning to authoritarianism, rigidity and moralism, but instead keeping always the message of Jesus as her sole source of inspiration.”

Read Commentary and Full Presentation at Whispers in the Loggia.

Why The Combined Feast Day For Peter and Paul?

St. Peter and Paul

Today we celebrate the Solemnity of Saints Peter and Paul. Vatican radio is providing an informative reflection by The Archbishop of Brisbane Australia on these two Saints and their importance for understanding the church of the First Century, The Archbishop, focusing on these two giant figures from our family tree of faith does an insightful job of explaining why their unity is integral to understanding the early church, and ultimately, the church today. It is a history of two saints who may have fought mightily in their lifetime but in Rome are visibly never one without the other. Listen: RealAudioMP3
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Archbishop Christian Lépine

Fr. Thomas Rosica’s interview (SLT) with the Archbishop of Montreal is more an exploration of the Archbishop’s faith than an insight into the faith (or lack of faith) in this once faith filled city. Fr. Rosica and Archbishop Lepine were friends in the 80’s when they studied theology in Rome. The interview is warm and friendly and direct, but it does not provide much insight into the secularist culture.