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Earthquake Tsunami God Punishment

Our Loving God has gone and done it again – massacred thousands of people this time in Japan. Wow! (Watch the Video at the end of this post. As it turns out, it is probably a spoof or satire, but many are happy with it, and preach-believe this vindictive nonsense. That’s why it was posted! Just Google terms like, “Earthquake Tsunami God Punishment,” and you will see what I mean. Even the major networks have commentators mischievously supporting this kind of vengeful thinking: Glenn Beck said on his radio show on Monday: “I’m not saying God is causing earthquakes – well I’m not not saying that either!" He continued, "There’s a message being sent. And that is, ‘Hey, you know that stuff we’re doing? Not really working out real well. Maybe we should stop doing some of it.’"

What was the cross and death of Jesus all about, Christians should ask themselves?  I encourage those that believe in this kind of vengeful Christian God to meditate on the Cross of Jesus this lent, and relive in a very personal way the mocking taunts at the foot of the Cross. Jesus you saved others, now come down from that cross and save your self.  Hopefully, they will include in their meditation Jesus’ command to Peter to replace the soldier’s ear and to put down his sword. I pray that millions of people this lent will personally experience deep in their hearts the forgiving heart of Jesus as revealed in his gasping last breaths: “Father forgive them, for they don’t know what they are doing.”

Yes there is sin in every country, city, town, village, church, synagogue, mosque, office, factory, school…, home, and heart around the world, but the Christian God is not sitting on high getting ready to pounce with vengeance and destruction. (Remember the father of the prodigal son.) The Cross of Christ is about redemption, mercy, forgiveness, and love. God does not rejoice in human suffering, God weeps, as Jesus wept over Jerusalem. The Incarnation and the Cross are God’s loving answer to the reality and mystery of pain and suffering in this mortal world.

Let us pray for the people of Japan, and that the world’s people will reach out with loving arms and generous support to their brothers and sisters who are experiencing such frightening and heart breaking misery. Let us also pray that the best scientists from around the world will come up with a solution to the failing nuclear reactors.



Haiti – Broken Promises

It’s hard to believe that most of the promises of help and support that the world’s nations offered after the tragic earthquake in Haiti were never fulfilled. In January, and for a few weeks following the devastation there were offers and promises of all kinds of help. “We care,” said the world, and, “we will help. We Promise!!!!” Well this summer CNN checked out all those promises and discovered they were mostly empty.  For a report on CNN’s investigation, read catholic online’s recent post: Majority of the financial aid to Haiti never arrives

If you donated to the Haitian Emergency Relief campaign supported by Development and Peace, you have no need to worry about your money being used to provide help. Twenty Million dollars was collected from Catholics across Canada, and Development and Peace has provided continuous updates on how the funds have been, and are being used: Development and Peace Monthly Reports on Haiti.

Inspiring Words of Hope

Archbishop Robert Carlson of St. Louis preached a homily at a special Mass for Haitians on Thursday, January 14, 2010. Here is an excerpt that inspires hope, courage, and a Christian response:

“Jesus waits for us today as he waited for the leper in today’s Gospel whom he was so willing to heal. He waits for us in our disbelief and sadness and touches our hearts with his love that we might have the courage to reach out to our brothers and sisters — for when the body of Christ suffers, we all suffer. He waits for us in the Eucharist and desires to feed us that we might be strengthened for the journey no matter what the task. He invites us to act as disciples helping in any way possible that in us people will see the face of Christ.

Today he waits for the people of Haiti that he might carry them in their mourning and loss. Without Christ there is no hope and without Christ there is only loss and no redemption. Today Jesus embraces the people of Haiti and invites us to do the same — through our prayer and charity and any way possible!”  Archbishop Robert J. Carlson – Archbishop of St. Louis.

Earthquake – Realtime image results at PicFog

It almost seems voyeuristic to post this site with pictures from the social web about the tragedy (earthquake) in Haiti. The global village definitely makes human suffering so real and graphic. Canada, the United States, and the international community are attempting to respond quickly with help. Let us pray that they are successful.  

Pictures from Haiti: Earthquake – Realtime image results at PicFog

CTV has put together a list of ways to help: How You Can Help

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