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Interesting Insights into 13 Discussion Groups of Synod on Family (#Synod15)


Two of the 13 final small-group reports of the Synod of Bishops for the family contained apologies: one for ways in which a lack of pastoral care may have contributed to the breakdown of marriages and one for “harsh and merciless” attitudes toward unwed mothers and their children, the divorced and homosexuals. Read More Discussion Group Insights

Uganda’s Anti-Gay Bill: Religous, Political, Cultural, and International Background

I haven’t been able to read the Bill, but it seems that the lives of this minority of Uganda’s population are in jeopardy. This morning a Tabloid Newspaper by the name of “RED PEPPER, listed 200 supposedly gay people – including one RC Priest. In many cases there appears to be no proof, but the allegations pretty well make these people criminals. Are things just beginning to heat up, I suspect so!

For some insight, as to how and why this Bill got passed, read Jason Burner’s article in Religion and Politics.

In rare public split, Catholic bishops differ sharply on anti-gay laws | Religion News Service


(RNS) The Roman Catholic hierarchy has generally been viewed as a unified bloc in opposition to gay rights, but the emergence of especially punitive measures against gays in various countries has opened unusually stark and public fissures among bishops in different nations.

The divisions are also raising questions about whether Pope Francis, who has struck a charitable tone toward gays and lesbians, needs to take action. Read more: In rare public split, Catholic bishops differ sharply on anti-gay laws | Religion News Service