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The Economy of Grace by Richard Rohr

Switching to an “economy of grace” from our usual “economy of merit” is very hard for humans, very hard indeed. We naturally base almost everything in human culture on achievement, performance, accomplishment, payment, exchange value, appearance, or worthiness of some sort—it can be called “meritocracy” (the rule of merit). Read full Version this daily meditation by Fr. Richard Rohr: Meditation

Genuine Love and Empathy–Only With God’s Help


In our normal, daily lives we are invariably so self-preoccupied that we find it difficult to accord others the same reality and value we give to ourselves. It’s difficult for us to live in true empathy because we are forever consumed with our own heartaches and headaches.

From two famous intellectuals, one speaking philosophically and the other psychologically, we get that same insight. Rad more: Our struggle for empathy and genuine love

The Gift and Mystery of Life, Hope, and God’s Love

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There are times in everyone’s life when we feel like pulling up the covers and not getting up. Moments when all hope seems to despair, and there is never going to be a sunrise again. This is normal. This is what it means to be human.

Watch this video and think of those times when you beat the odds, conquered despair, and did the seemingly impossible.

As Christians we are called to celebrate life as a precious gift, and to share the Good News and to proclaim Hope. Sometimes it’s hard, but in faith we rely on God’s grace, and never give up even though our efforts seem miniscule, or even useless. Remember, Jesus told us that the Kingdom is found in the tiniest of seeds: (Mark 4:30-33) No mater how bad things seem to be, we must never forget that God is with us.

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