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Canadian Catholic Program in Haiti–Update


As we begin the Lent Campaign (2014) I thought I should share a little information on what has been happening in Haiti since the earthquake in 2010. Unfortunately, our News Outlets seldom report after a crisis is over. Read a full report on 2010 until today. The Link is found at the bottom of the summary page. Go to Report: Our program in Haiti | Development and Peace

Canadian priest murdered in Haiti

Fr. Richard Joyal, 62, was shot three times in the back after withdrawing money from a Port-au-Prince bank. Two men on a motorcycle approached Fr. Joyal as he exited the bank, grabbing the bag he was carrying and then shooting him. (Read link below for the full article in Catholic Register:

 Canadian priest murdered in Haiti.

Here is more information I’m posting on April 30, 2013.

National Post Report: Canadian Priest fatally Shot

National Catholic Reporter: True Missionary Heart

Haiti – Broken Promises

It’s hard to believe that most of the promises of help and support that the world’s nations offered after the tragic earthquake in Haiti were never fulfilled. In January, and for a few weeks following the devastation there were offers and promises of all kinds of help. “We care,” said the world, and, “we will help. We Promise!!!!” Well this summer CNN checked out all those promises and discovered they were mostly empty.  For a report on CNN’s investigation, read catholic online’s recent post: Majority of the financial aid to Haiti never arrives

If you donated to the Haitian Emergency Relief campaign supported by Development and Peace, you have no need to worry about your money being used to provide help. Twenty Million dollars was collected from Catholics across Canada, and Development and Peace has provided continuous updates on how the funds have been, and are being used: Development and Peace Monthly Reports on Haiti.

Inspiring Words of Hope

Archbishop Robert Carlson of St. Louis preached a homily at a special Mass for Haitians on Thursday, January 14, 2010. Here is an excerpt that inspires hope, courage, and a Christian response:

“Jesus waits for us today as he waited for the leper in today’s Gospel whom he was so willing to heal. He waits for us in our disbelief and sadness and touches our hearts with his love that we might have the courage to reach out to our brothers and sisters — for when the body of Christ suffers, we all suffer. He waits for us in the Eucharist and desires to feed us that we might be strengthened for the journey no matter what the task. He invites us to act as disciples helping in any way possible that in us people will see the face of Christ.

Today he waits for the people of Haiti that he might carry them in their mourning and loss. Without Christ there is no hope and without Christ there is only loss and no redemption. Today Jesus embraces the people of Haiti and invites us to do the same — through our prayer and charity and any way possible!”  Archbishop Robert J. Carlson – Archbishop of St. Louis.

Port-au-Prince archbishop among dead in earthquake | National Catholic Reporter

Bishop Miot  "The lifeless body of Archbishop Joseph Miot of Port-au-Prince was found this morning under the rubble of the archbishops’ residence," L’Osservatore Romano reported this morning. Full story and details in the NCR report:

Port-au-Prince archbishop among dead in earthquake | National Catholic Reporter