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HOMILY: Third Sunday of Lent – A

Featured homily by Fr. John Predmore SJ:

“All my years as a priest have taught me one thing: people thirst and are hungry and we have to find ways to nourish one another. This realization that many are thirsting for the living God in their lives determines everything else we do. Just as a parent intervenes in his children’s lives when they are hungry, angry, lonely or tired, every Catholic has to become attuned to the basic needs of every person who comes to her. Questions about God arise when we are deprived of the essential elements of life.” READ FULL HOMILY: Ignatian Spirituality: Set the World Ablaze: Third Sunday of Lent

Homily: Eighth Sunday Ordinary Time – Year A

March 2, 2014
Isaiah 49:14-15; Psalm 62; 1 Corinthians 4:1-5; Matthew 6:24-34

“Learn from happy people because they are the ones who trust in God. They are the proverbial wild flowers that grow and spin and radiate God’s beauty. They are the ones who have the same tragedy and disaster in their lives as we all do, but they deal with it differently internally. They know they control little in this world and that this life is God’s dominion for them to enjoy. They take each moment as a gift from God and they are grateful for the many opportunities God gives them.”

See Complete Homily at Ignatian Spirituality: Set the World Ablaze.


 Very hard sayings that are lofty ideals, but very difficult realities come down to us this week: Bear no hatred, take no revenge, cherish no grudge and love your neighbor. These are difficult sayings when someone has wronged us because we want to fight to bring about the truth. The last thing we want to do is to offer no resistance, especially when bullied by someone who is unhealthy. But God, through Moses and Jesus, tells us to be holy, to be perfect, as God is holy and perfect. This is the moment when we realize humbly that we are not God and that the swirling forces around us are potent. READ MORE  (BY FR.)