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Believe It or Not – Internet Stories – Humor

I am a medical student currently doing a rotation in toxicology at the poison control center. Today, this woman called in very upset because she caught her little daughter eating ants. I quickly reassured her that the ants are
not harmful and there would be no need to bring her daughter into the hospital. She calmed down and at the end of the conversation happened to mention that she gave her daughter some ant poison to eat in order to kill the ants. I told her that she better bring her daughter into the
emergency room right away. Here’s your sign, lady. Wear it with pride.

Giving the Internet a Soul

Not long ago, the Pope, while encouraging faith sharing and evangelization through the internet, also spoke of “giving the internet a soul.” Danielle Bean took up his challenge of ‘soul giving’. Maybe you won’t agree with everything she suggests, but the topic, in my opinion, is long overdue for thoughtful discussion. I welcome the post, and I think many others will also welcome and appreciate it. 10 WAY TO GIVE THE INTERNET A SOUL