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Israel’s destruction of Palestinian homes at five-year high – aid orgs — RT News

Israel’s destruction of Palestinian homes at five-year high – aid orgs — RT News: “”

I don’t believe or understand this. It just doesn’t make sense to me! Pray for all those that have lost their homes, and spread the word. There will never be peace, if this keeps happening! To me it is heartless and scandalous.

The Monarchs of Money – Report by Neil MacDonald (CBC)

Monarchs of Money

I usually don’t post on topics like this, but this is indeed something that should be part of everyday discussions.  This small documentary reveals how a small few can and do effect the life of all on our small planet.

Here is a link to a CBC documentary: “The Monarchs of Money.”  It is a trip into an unknown secret world that most of us know or hear very little about. I don’t know why the content of this documentary is not a hot discussion topic in our Newspapers and TV News Programs. It is indeed a secretive world we live in today!

In summary. “Monarch’s of Money,” is about a mysterious topic called, “quantitative easing .” It involves nine central bankers meeting in Switzerland every two months and deciding how much money to print – known as cheap money. Are these nine people building the world’s economies on sand and hoping beyond hope that the whole enterprise of  “quantitative easing” doesn’t end in a worldwide economic collapse? Some money experts are predicting catastrophe! It sure sounds like the makings of a nightmare to me. I invite you to view this short video and leave your feedback. In the U.S. alone apparently 89 billion dollars is being printed each and everyday.

The Monarchs of Money – The National – CBC Player.