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Interesting Insights into 13 Discussion Groups of Synod on Family (#Synod15)


Two of the 13 final small-group reports of the Synod of Bishops for the family contained apologies: one for ways in which a lack of pastoral care may have contributed to the breakdown of marriages and one for “harsh and merciless” attitudes toward unwed mothers and their children, the divorced and homosexuals. Read More Discussion Group Insights

Who is Pope Francis?

Mark Mallett

At the ‘One Year Anniversary’ of Pope Francis the internet and Catholic papers are attempting to define who this Pope is, and where he is leading the Church. Mark Mallett is a Canadian evangelist, father of eight, and a singer/songwriter. He too has his assessment of Pope Francis. He writes, “many have misunderstood who this bouncer-turned-cardinal-turned-pope is. Some believe he has come to ‘at last’ set the Church free from the patriarchal oppression of past popes. Others say he is the new champion of Liberation Theology.Some say a conservative, others a liberal, still others a Marxist or one of the Communists.” Read Mark’s assessment: Francis and the Coming Passion of the Church