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I haven’t posted for a while for a variety of reasons: health, parish duties, and a sense of weariness from the many problems our church is  facing. As I meditated on this Sunday’s Gospel about the lost lamb, the lost coin, and the prodigal son – powerful parables that leave no doubt in my mind of God’s unconditional love for each and every one of us, I felt the comforting sense of the Lord’s presence and love in my life. Yet, I still tossed and turned after I went to bed, and found myself getting up and reviewing emails and then coming across a little article from a previously unknown Jesuit publication: Company Magazine.

Today is the Anniversary of 911. Lately we have been bombarded  by controversies about ground zero in New York. ( I don’t need to name them, you’ve probably heard most of them.) In the midst of all the rhetoric and arguing  there seems to be a total loss of the courageous outpouring of heroic love this tragic day released. In the midst of mayhem, death, fear, and even despair, there was a powerful message of hope and inspiration, as the people of New York and around the world responded. This little article (albeit vintage), “Amid the Ashes: An Ignatian Response to September’s Terror.” could  prove a partial anecdote to the weariness you might be feeling too. The world has definitely changed since that day – war, terror, religious bigotry, etc…. Yet, it is in the midst of darkness that the light becomes bright and stunning. David Nantais, SJ, a university minister for the College of Engineering and Science at the University of Detroit Mercy, was so inspired by the response of many of his Jesuit colleagues and friends that he wrote:

 “Men and Women for Others. We (Jesuit’s) say this so often that it can seem trite. But it was anything but following September 11. At Jesuit institutions all over the country love definitely showed itself as deeds. Whether working in the midst of the horror of Ground Zero, showing up to donate blood In Kansas City, or lighting a candle at a prayer vigil in Chicago, the true heart of Ignatius’s words were witnessed and felt.

Read his little article, it will help relieve some of the darkness of this present time: “Amid the Ashes: An Ignatian Response to September’s Terror,”