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Vatican II – Implementation Just Beginning After 50 Years


Today, some are inclined to say that the Second Vatican Council is old hat. After all, the council wrapped up 50 years ago, society and the Church have changed enormously since then and we shouldn’t be waging the same old battles that were fought half a century ago.

Not so fast! “From an historical perspective, the council is still very young,” writes leading Vatican II interpreter Massimo Faggioli. It takes a long time – decades, even centuries – to bring the fruits of a major Church council to harvest.

Even large dioceses were still not finished implementing the edicts of the Council of Trent (1545-63) at the start of the 19th century. LINK TO FULL STORY: 

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At the recent LA Religious Education Congress, John Allen did a presentation.

He said that that Pope Francis tends to focus on the pastoral, rather than the doctrinal or canonical. He named three pillars of the Francis Papacy:

1) Leadership as Service

2) A Missionary Church

3) Mercy as the Cornerstone

See Presentation:

Priest, Abuse, and the Vatican

It seems that the only news available on the the Catholic Church right now is about the scandal of sexual abuse of children by priests. My Google reader is filled with story after story, viewpoint after viewpoint, situation after situation, opinion after opinion, etc.. If you are like me, you look for articles and people who have the ability to be most insightful and helpful. One of the authors I turn to is John Allen which Vatican Radio also turn too, and even reprinted one of his recent articles. A second author is  Thomas Reese, S.J., Senior Fellow of Woodstock Theological Center at Georgetown University. There is an excellent interview with him by Maureen Fiedler on http://interfaithradio.org/node/1290.

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