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St. Patrick’s Breastplate

“The Deer’s Cry”, attributed to St Patrick, is known by several names: “The Breastplate of St Patrick” and “Lorica” to mention two. It is a beautiful prayer celebrating a God who lives with his children, guiding them, sheltering them, strengthening them. A God who is with us and in us through his Creation. In 1994 Irish composer Shaun Davey put a section of the Breastplate to some wonderful music in his CD “The Pilgrim”. If you like Celtic music you will treasure this CD. This video attempts to enhance Shaun Davey’s music with some relevant images. HAPPY ST. PATRICK’S DAY


At the recent LA Religious Education Congress, John Allen did a presentation.

He said that that Pope Francis tends to focus on the pastoral, rather than the doctrinal or canonical. He named three pillars of the Francis Papacy:

1) Leadership as Service

2) A Missionary Church

3) Mercy as the Cornerstone

See Presentation: